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"enter ino open rebellion & become false churches called in scripture Synagogues of Satan & Antichrists.  These are they that separate themselves, saith Iude of

– on the other side Iordan, & there they began first to be called Ebionites

They gloried in this name & said that they knew of no such man as Ebion – – – a poor man.  This is the account which they gave of themselves, but  Epiphanius Ierome & some others took Ebion for the name of a man.  Vpon the commencing of the Iewish war the Christian Iews or Nazarens fled from Ierusalem into other countries & chiefly into Peræa on the other side of Iordan And there  by the number of those  who refused to communicate with the uncircumcised beleivers, the name of Ebionites became at length appropriated to the  Nazarenes of this opinion."




I have no idea if this means anything to anyone, but I saw it just now, and I decided to post it.  Interesting that it was written upside down on a paper about early Greek history (which is what I was reading).  There's probably more where this came from.  If I come across it, I'll post it here.

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