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Please help me interact more effectively with you in emails.  Is there a specific email address for sending you updates from the highways and hedgeways of society?  Yesterday for example...rockets were launched at Beersheba and tent cities are popping up all over the "old country" as the flames are being fanned by soros, huffington, etc.  www.Exodus is where many of my posts get posted 99% of the time...which has many True Jew members.  

News is happening fast!  The evil are getting more impatient.  My personal email account is still functional but currently clogged with 23,000 unread emails.  This week my website should be opened up - and I expect to have a brand-new email account with a fresh start of incomings.  I will send you that new personal soon.  Please consider at least allowing my site to link to send you interested newcomers...seeking Truth.  Shalom.  Shekinah.  PRAISE BE TO YHWH!  FOREVER AND EVER AMEN! 

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