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Parent's Ten Commandments For Their Teens

Parent’s Ten Commandments
For Their Teens

1.You shall honor and obey your Dad and Mom.
2.You shall observe the Sabbath with your Dad and
Mom at least while under our roof.
3.You shall not argue with nor speak disrespectfully
to your Dad or Mom.
4.You shall answer back quickly and respectfully
with a “yes Dad” or “yes Mom”.
5. You must help your Dad and Mom by doing your
chores and not complain about it!
6. You must ask only your Dad for money since he is
the bread-winner, and do not burden your Mom
with this decision.
7. You shall be responsible and pay for your own
personal debts and not expect your parents to pay
it for you.
8. You shall not have a girlfriend or boyfriend spend
the night or stay at home alone until you are
9. You shall not whine or pout or lie in order to get
your way.
10. You shall not drink or do any drugs while living
at home.

Side Note: You may not think so, but we really LOVE you kids!

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Comment by N Brown on September 25, 2010 at 6:46pm
I like that very much.


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