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At 2:37pm on September 21, 2008, Grace said…
a href="">
Christian MySpace Graphics
At 3:28pm on September 26, 2008, Barzillai dov Ganya said…
Shabbat shalom
At 4:12pm on September 26, 2008, Christopher said…
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter (Pro. 25:2).
May your Shabbat be filled with the Spirit of the Living Torah, Y'shua the Messiah.
Blessings to you and your family Grace.
<>br /> Christopher
At 9:16pm on September 27, 2008, Sh'mee Miryam said…
Todah for your comment. Shavu'a Tov, Shalom!
At 8:43am on September 30, 2008, Barzillai dov Ganya said…
L'shanah tovah tikatevi v'taihatemi
At 1:10pm on October 26, 2008, Christopher said…
Thanks Grace for the graphic.
At 12:38pm on November 18, 2008, Vic said…
Amein to that, and thank you!

May LOVE be our guide and standard! The Love of YHWH Elohim :-)

At 7:05am on December 3, 2008, Vic said…
Thank you so much Grace!
May YHWH bless you abundantly! x2 :-)
At 6:47pm on December 29, 2008, Yaakova Tzilla said…

Just stopping to say "Hello" and invite you to my group. Yahweh's Healing Herbs.
At 11:32am on June 6, 2009, Sh'mee Miryam said…

Shalom be with you and your love ones in this marvelous day that YHVH has created, blessings!
At 1:19pm on October 14, 2009, James Trimm said…

Hope you had a good Sukkot! :-)

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